Fall in love with magical Cuba without getting lost in it.

So, you decided to travel back to your beloved country after a long time…. But maybe when you arrive you won’t recognize any of the places you enjoyed so much in your childhood, maybe you want to take someone to those places that in your head you remember were there…. Or you are simply an adventurer with the intention of traveling to Cuba, but in your head, it doesn’t stop sounding like a problem… “How am I going to find those places?”

You arrived at the paradisiacal island, your thoughts at the airport while waiting for your luggage are remind you that you don’t have an internet connection on your cellphone…. You feel a little isolated and lonely… Well, to solve that, Ringvoz is providing you with different services that will allow you to connect to this world of information. You remember that and you smile…. With Ringvoz you will never be alone.

We know you’re not going to spend all your internet time looking at sites like maps.google.com or using Waze, etc…. But don’t worry, here I’ll give you an excellent application, which, thanks to Ringvoz’s internet, you can download and use OFFLINE. Exactly, offline…. The only thing you will spend is the data to download the MAPS ME app, then, just choose the map of the city where you are and voila, a location service, with all the hotels, restaurants, casinos, airports, etc.. WITHOUT SPENDING YOUR DATA.

You can download it here or also available in the IOS or Google Play shop.