If you need to send prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs to someone in El Salvador, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Shipping regulations and restrictions are constantly changing, so make sure you understand the latest requirements before mailing any medicines.


In 2023, the following shipping companies offer services to send medications to El Salvador:


  • IISHO Express – They provide 2-4 day express shipping and have been offering medication shipping to El Salvador for many years. They are familiar with all regulations and documentation needed.


  • UPS – UPS ships to El Salvador and does allow some medications, but not controlled substances. Check their website for the latest prohibited items list and to get a shipping quote.


  • Medicinas del Salvador – This company specializes in shipping medications from El Salvador to the US, but they also handle shipments into El Salvador. They claim to have a secure process and have been operating for over 6 years.


When shipping any medications in 2023, be sure to:


  • Properly pack medicines in sealed bags or bubble wrap and clearly mark the package as “fragile”.
  • Include copies of prescriptions for any prescription drugs. Controlled substances will require original prescriptions.
  • Check with shipping companies regarding any prohibited medications. Restrictions may change, so double check before mailing.
  • Consider using registered or insured mail for added security and peace of mind.
  • Be extremely cautious when mailing large volumes or controlled substances as these types of shipments receive much closer scrutiny. It may be illegal or unethical to mail certain medicines.
  • Declare all medications on any required shipping documentation to avoid legal issues or the package being seized.  


With some caution and proper preparation, it is possible to safely and legally ship medications to El Salvador. But shipping regulations are always changing, so make sure you understand all requirements before sending any medicines to avoid problems or legal trouble. 

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