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RingVoz works closely with retail businesses, offering through its portal international calling services, cell phone recharges, gift cards, national and international text message delivery.

Our portal is easy and use allowing you to see the history of recharges, invoices and make your payments online with the different means of payment such as credit card, ACH or Zelle.
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Grow your sales with RingVoz

Every day more and more shopkeepers prefer to sell RingVoz services thanks to its quality and services, backed by the best technology and highly professional people, is what our business allies say.

If you are not yet a commercial partner of RingVoz contacts one of our specialists and they will send you all the information with the benefits and commissions.

Once your customers try the services they will continue buying and recharging in your store every time you sell RingVoz services.

RingVoz offers retail businesses international call services, mobile phone recharges, gift cards, national and international text message sending through our website portal.

RingVoz accepts credit cards, ACH or Zelle as payment methods on our website portal.

RingVoz offers the following advantages to partner businesses:

-Quality and services backed by the best technology and professional staff.
– Generation of higher sales and revenue through the sale of our services.
– Access to commissions and business benefits.

To associate your business with RingVoz, you can contact one of our specialists. They will provide you with all the information on the benefits and commissions of partnering with us.

Customers prefer RingVoz services for the following reasons:

– Quality of service
– Ease of use of our website portal to recharge, check bills and history
– Variety of payment methods available
– Professional customer service

Download and Enjoy!

It is the easiest, most comfortable, and safest way to make international calls instantly and send mobile recharges to more than 360 operators in 130 countries.

Using our mobile app you will be able to acquire minutes to call yours no matter where you are, just by recharging your RingVoz account.

And if your thing is Texting, send SMS to your family and friends with our mobile app.

It is available for both iOS and Android.

RingVoz Mobile App