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Mobile App Display RingVoz, With the RingVoz Mobile App it's the easy and secure way to instantly make international calls and send mobile recharges and more.

We are happy to tell you that the NEW IS HERE, it is time to enjoy more in our renewed RingVoz Application

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Being connected with your country is also knowing everything that happens. With the RingVoz App you can have the news you like the most in the palm of your hand

RingVoz App Gift card

Gift Cards

The best gift for your family and friends on special dates is found in RingVoz, discover your favorite brands in our Application.

RingVoz App Gift card
Gift Cards

More Payment Methods

At RingVoz we make it easy for you, we have new payment methods so you can connect with your loved ones in the easiest way.

Payment Options
Gift Cards

Top Up

In the new RingVoz Application you will find the best promotions to call, message, connect through social networks and be closer than ever for less.

Mobile Carriers
RingVoz Mobile App TOP UP
International Calls

International Calls

Recharging your account has never been so easy, find the best rate for your country and stay connected.​

Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala
International Calls

Connect with Family and Friends

At RingVoz we want you to be ALWAYS connected with your country and with Latin America. Explore and get to know our program so that you are connected with the World.

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No, downloading and using the RingVoz App application is completely free. You only pay for the international calling, SMS and mobile recharge services you use. We have plans from $ 10 USD so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, Animate!

Available promotions and discounts will appear on the main screen of the application, in the “Promotions” section. We will also send push notifications to your mobile device to inform you of any new promotion.

The RingVoz App application allows you to:• Make instant international calls to over 360 operators in 130 countries.
• Send SMS to your relatives and friends abroad.
• Recharge balance to mobile numbers of your loved ones abroad.
• Stay informed with the latest news from your country.
• Access the best promotions and discounts for calls and messages.

Currently we do not offer the functionality of group calls in the RingVoz App application. We are working to integrate this feature in an upcoming version of the application. Content

At RingVoz we are committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your personal information safe. Our privacy policy includes:

• We do not request or store sensitive data such as social security numbers, bank accounts, etc. We only collect the information necessary to provide you with our services.

• Your passwords and payment data are encrypted using SSL security protocols.

• We do not share or sell your personal information to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes. We only share it with authorized providers who help us provide our services, with strict confidentiality agreements.

• We periodically update our systems and software to implement security patches and prevent vulnerabilities.

 • We give you access to your personal data and control over them. You can update them or request deletion by contacting us.

• Our servers and data centers maintain ISO 27001, PCI DSS and GDPR certifications to guarantee the highest standards in security and privacy.Protecting your information and ensuring security in our systems is our top priority. We will continue to improve and adopt the best practices to offer you a reliable and safe experience

Download and Enjoy!

It is the easiest, most comfortable and safest way to make international calls instantly and send mobile recharges to more than 360 operators in 130 countries.

Using our mobile app you will be able to acquire minutes to call yours no matter where you are, just by recharging your RingVoz account.

And if your thing is Texting, send SMS to your family and friends with our mobile app.

It is available for both iOS and Android.

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