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The RingVoz app is the easiest, convenience and most secure way to instantly make international call and send a mobile recharge to your friends and family anywhere in the world. Our mobile application is available for both iOS and Android.

Send top-up to over 360 operators in 130 countries in just 3 easy steps. We deliver top-up to your loved ones phones in seconds.

RingVoz APP
RingVoz APP

International calls, mobile top-ups, SMS and more.

How to Recharge your Account


Using your RingVoz App is easy and you can purchase minutes to call your friends no matter where they are just by recharging your RingVoz account.

In this video we will tell you how to Top Up:

How to Top Up Cell Phones


Send balance to your cell phones anywhere in the world, securely and instantly. Receive the BEST BENEFITS by recharging for your RingVoz App.

In this video we will tell you how to send your recharge:

Call Your Own


You can also call yours to any country using the balance you have in your account with the integrated phone from the app or from the integrated Cloud Softphone:

Send Messages


If you are texting you can always keep in touch with Family and Friends ALL IN ONE APPLICATION. Easy, fast and safe.

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RingVoz APP

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RingVoz APP


RingVoz APP


RingVoz APP