¿Has it happened to you that your mobile data runs out when you need it most? Here we will tell you some of our TIPS so that your connection lasts longer and you can enjoy it however you want.

1. Manage the apps you allow data usage.

All the applications that we have downloaded we do not use them constantly. In your phone’s settings you can manage which ones you allow to use your data and you can restrict the ones you don’t use often so they don’t consume your internet.

2. Update apps over Wi-Fi.

Updating the applications on your mobile phone consumes too much internet, a useful tip is to perform these updates in places where you have WiFi access and thus save your data for when you really need it.

3. Control WhatsApp downloads.

The constant download of videos and photos can be a determining factor in the consumption of your mobile data. In the WhatsApp settings you can restrict these automatic downloads and do it manually, so you will not only take care of your data, but also the storage of your phone.

4. Turn off your Data when you don’t need it.

Sometimes we have days of work, study, business meetings or friends where we do not use the phone. A good tip is to turn off mobile data, because even if you are not using the phone, your applications use data in the background to send you notifications.

5. When you are away, avoid the use of Tik Tok and YouTube.

The main content of these applications is audiovisual, therefore this consumes much more data than other applications. Take advantage when you are at home with access to Wi-Fi to watch your favorite videos and save your data to use them in what you like the most.

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