The provision of Services to you through the Website is subject to your acceptance of the Agreement. By completing the Registration Form and/or by using the Website, you expressly agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below, the Privacy Policy, and any other terms and conditions of this Agreement.

If you object to this Agreement or any subsequent modifications to it, or become dissatisfied with your membership of the Website in any way, your only remedy is to immediately:

  1. Discontinue your use of the Website
  2. Terminate your membership by notifying us in writing. Click here for our contact information. Certain words in this Agreement have the meanings set under them at the end of this webpage.

Membership Information

When registering as a member of the Website, you must provide us with accurate, complete and up-to-date information as requested on the Registration Form. You agree that the information supplied with your Registration Form will be truthful, accurate and complete. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to that information, including your region of residence. You may do this at any time by clicking on the ’Personal Settings’ section of the Website. All personal information you provide us as a member will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

If you are under 18 years of age, you must obtain a parent/guardian’s consent prior to using the Website. If you are an employee of a company or other entity or are acting on behalf of a company, you must be authorized to enter into these Terms of Use on behalf of your employer.

Username and Password

Once you become a member of the Website, you will receive a username and a Password. You are entirely responsible for all activities which occur under your username and Password, including unauthorized use of your or any other credit card. You must notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your username and Password. If you forget or lose your password, you should request a new password by visiting the ‘Forgot your password’ section on the sign in page. You also agree that you will only register in your own name. Each username and password must be used by a single user and is not transferable.

Your data

We will only send you information about the products that you have selected. You will be able to change preferences or opt-out of this service at any time in the ‘Personal Settings’ area. Personal information collected by us as part of this service will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy (Click here for the privacy policy), which forms part of this Agreement.

Please note that the sending of personal information via e-mail over the internet may not be secure and can be intercepted by third parties or incorrectly delivered. You should not divulge personal information over the internet unless you are using a secure or encrypted communications technology.

We shall be entitled, but not obliged, to record all communications from, or instructions given by, you to us, or messages sent by us to you through the Website.

Your account

If you are not resident in one of the listed regions and if the financial institution with which you have an Account is not in one of the listed regions you are not permitted to avail of the Services.

The Website can only be used by you to effect a limited number of Top-Ups and/or Top-Ups to a limited value over specific time periods. You will be automatically notified through the Website when these limits are reached or should attempt to effect Top-Ups in excess of the limits. Other limits and exclusions may apply to the way which you can use this Website from time to time and you will be notified of these through your use of the Website.

You shall ensure that all instructions given by you to us through the Website are accurate and complete, and that, where appropriate, you correctly identify the mobile phone account to which any amount is to be credited or debited. In particular, prior to confirming any instruction to us, you shall ensure that the instruction which is relayed back to you confirming the instruction that you send through the Website is the instruction which you intend to give. We are entitled to rely on any instruction from you using and, for the avoidance of doubt, the processing by us of any such confirmed instruction shall be final and binding on you.

You shall carefully examine any Top-Up information received by you, or any other information provided by us to you through the Website from time to time and shall report any errors or omissions to us in writing within 30 days from the date of dispatch of such statements or receipt of such information. In the event that no error or omission is reported by you within the time specified, we shall be entitled to rely on the conclusiveness of the relevant statement of account as respects further transactions, provided that nothing herein will prevent us or you subsequently adjusting information to correct an error or omission, but in that case without any claim to compensation or damages arising on account thereof.

The Services

The Services shall only be provided to you by us in respect of Accounts in the listed territories (available on the website, and subject to change). Top up’s are purely for use domestically within the relevant listed jurisdictions (available on the website, and subject to change) and not for roaming within the EU.

The Website (including the Services delivered through it) and the Password must be used by you strictly in accordance with this Agreement. The Password will be provided by us direct to you. You must not disclose the Password, whether directly or indirectly, to any other person (including, but not limited to, any account aggregation service provider).

Your obligations

The equipment necessary for you to access the Website shall be provided and be maintained by and at your expense of and we may change the requirements for such equipment from time to time.

You undertake to us to comply strictly with this Agreement. You acknowledge that your compliance with this Agreement is designed to minimize the risk of unauthorized use of the Website. You agree to indemnify us in full in respect of any loss or damages which may arise to us, you or any third party as a consequence of your non-compliance with this Agreement.

Transactions on the Account

You authorize us to act upon any instruction to debit an Account received through the Website which has been transmitted using the Password and/or any other authentication process which we may require to be used in connection with the Website without requiring us to make any further authentication or enquiry, and all such debits shall constitute your liability.

Upon receipt of a proper and complete request from you for a Top-Up we will debit the Account and will forward an electronic request to the relevant mobile network operator to provide a credit of the amount transferred for the benefit of the pre-paid mobile phone number nominated by you. The mobile network operator shall be solely liable to you in respect of the provision of the mobile services to which the Top-Up applies.

RingVoz is an independent entity appointed by mobile network operators to act on their behalf to facilitate the purchase of Top-Up.

Subject to your compliance with the Agreement and provided you have not acted fraudulently or in a negligent manner, we shall accept liability for the non-execution or defective execution of a Top-Up effected through the Website but such liability shall be limited to the amount of the unexecuted or defectively executed Top-Up.

Third Party Services and Information of the products and services offered for sale on RingVoz or through services that we may offer you, are submitted, created or developed by third parties, about the products, services and information of third parties. Information about some of the products and services on the Website is subject to specific restrictions concerning the persons to whom such information may be made available. Details of such restrictions are set out on the pages to which they relate and you should read those details carefully before proceeding to the rest of the relevant page.

Information about some of the products and services on this Website may be subject to additional Legal Notices and Warnings, identified as such. These notices and warnings are important and are for the protection of both you and us. Please take the time to carefully read all Legal Notices and Warnings on the pages of this Website that you visit.

The third party products, services and information are not provided or endorsed by us and your legal relationship is with the third party supplier when purchasing such services or goods. We have not checked the accuracy or completeness of the information or the suitability or quality of the products and services of the third parties. You must make your own enquiries with the relevant third party supplier directly before relying on the third party information or entering into a transaction in relation to the third party products and services referred to on the Website.

We may receive fees and/or commissions from third parties for the sale goods and services displayed or made available on the Website, for advertising goods and services on the Website, or in connection with the amount of visitors from that leave the Website to go to a linked site. You acknowledge and consent to us receiving the fees. You will be notified of the fees payable to us when you use the Website.

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