Terms and Conditions of the service charge of the automated international mobile recharge promotion and the automated monthly international mobile recharge.

The following are the general conditions governing the operation and functioning of automated international mobile recharge service and the automated monthly international mobile recharge service from RingVoz, and it will complement the general conditions of service provision in RingVoz prepay. The conditions will be available at www.RingVoz.com

Purpose of the Service:

The automated international mobile recharge promotion service facilitates the customer to recharge an international mobile phone that is associated with the customer’s prepaid account. The subscription to this service may be authorized verbally or digitally, thru www.RingVoz.com, to recharge international mobile phone numbers indicated by the customer, for the amount indicated by the customer, when a promotion occurs, in the country of destination specified by the customer. The customer can also subscribe to automated international mobile recharge monthly service, to the number specified by the customer, to recharge that number on the same day of the month by the amount specified by the customer, the subscription can be canceled at any time. For the automated monthly international mobile recharge service, the subscription charge is scheduled for 31st of every month, for those months that have only 30 days this charge will be made on the 30th of that month. For the month of February, which has 28 or 29 days, RingVoz will charge on the last day of the month.

Automated international mobile recharge programmed for promotions or scheduled monthly, execute the amount specified by the customer at the time of subscription recharge service, using the credit care previously registered by the customer on the account, and the recharge is triggered without the direct intervention of the user.

The recharges made to the international mobile user, are subject to a processing fee and regulatory fees may apply.

RingVoz LLC., reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without notice, the presentation, configuration and contents of the service, and the special conditions required for suing the service charge, which shall apply to subscriptions made thereafter.

In the event that the recharge is declined, the international mobile recharge number will be removed from the automatic system, for safety. The customer will receive an email indicating the event and may contact customer service center and request restoring the automated international mobile recharge service.

Subscription Procedure:

The customer can program the automated international mobile recharge of the numbers they wish, by contacting RingVoz customer service center or by login they account through www.RingVoz.com.

RingVoz LLC., keeps a copy for your records in computerized form of the transaction.

In the underwriting process by telephone through RingVoz’s customer service center , the competition of the telephone questionnaire and consent forms required for the user, enable s the activation of the service and will involve the full acceptance by User of these Terms and Conditions, of this particular service and all general conditions.

Once finalized, the subscription of the automated international mobile recharge service, RingVoz will send the customer an email confirming the activation of the automated international mobile recharge promotion service and the automated international mobile recharge monthly service. When the recharge occurs, the customer will be notified via text message and by email.

Terms and Conditions of the Service:

In accordance with current legislation, the user must correctly and lawful use the service.

Under any condition, the user may not access or use the service and content service for unlawful purposes, violate the rights of freedom of other, or may impair damage or prevent in any way access to them, to the detriment of RingVoz LLC., or third parties.

RingVoz assigns a risk limit use of the service. This limit determines the maximum amount of accumulated reloads which RingVoz determines the period in which the user can make a maximum number and amount of recharges.

RingVoz LLC., reserves the right to take action, if there is evidence of fraudulent use of the service.

The form of payment is by credit card or debit card. If the payment is declined the customers’ account will be unsubscribe as a security measure and the customer will receive an email. The customer can choose to restore the subscription. RingVoz reserves the right to remove the accounts of which there is suspected abuse in their use. In case of technical failure, that prevents the recharge to be made, RingVoz will contact the customer via SMS to confirm if the client wants the transaction to be executed. This procedure may change at the discretion of RingVoz.

Service Availability:

RingVoz does not guarantee the availability and continued operation of the automated monthly international mobile recharge service. RingVoz will make their best effort to maintain the service. RingVoz reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the service without prior notice, and notify customer by email, SMS or telephone.

Personal Data:

The users aggress to provide accurate and truthful personal data to RingVoz. Likewise, you may notify RingVoz, regarding data corresponding to your identity, prohibiting third parties to edit or change your data. When the customer contacts RingVoz through the customer service center, RingVoz may proceed with the recording of the conversation, in order to properly process the application, request or complaint by the customer. The recording will be stored and linked in the customer’s account for purpose of ensuring the proper care and provision of the service was provided by RingVoz. The customer is warned at the beginning of the conversation that results in the recording that is to be made.

RingVoz informs the customer that your personal credit card will be transferred to financial institutions as appropriate for the collection of the service. Your personal data associated with the employment of the service including those arising from the recordings of the customer service may be transferred to the authorities for both administrative and judicial purposes under the laws in force in each enable case assigned. He/she shall notify RingVoz of any modifications of the data provided to contract the service from the moment it occurs.

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