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 Smart Home

Smart Light Kit

It allows you to make your day a little brighter. Easy to set up, easy to use. Control the lights with your voice through Google Assistant.


•"Hey Google, turn on the lights." Turn on the lights easily with your voice. Perfect for those early mornings, or when your hands are busy.
•Connect to your home easily: Simply connect to the Google Home Mini, rotate the smart light bulb, and download the Google Home application to get you started.
• Lighting according to your needs: You can control dimming, set schedules and create scenes to suit different moods and purposes.
• You can control your light bulbs from anywhere with an Internet connection.
• Wi-FI and Bluetooth support.
• Supported operating systems iOS and Android.


Controls up to six light bulbs. You must be in the same room to activate smart bulbs with Google Assistant.

 Smart Home

Termostatos - Smart Home


Camaras-Smart Home


Timbre - Smart Home


Cerradura Smart Home

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