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If you want to bring or send food to friends and family in Cuba, it’s important to understand the regulations around importing food products into the country. Cuba has recently made changes that make it easier to bring in food, but there are still some rules you need to be aware of.

Good news: As of July 2021, passengers arriving in Cuba can bring in food without limits on value or customs duties. This applies to both Cubans and non-Cubans, whether you are a resident or not. Dried and concentrated food products are tax-exempt and can be brought in without quantity limits. You can also bring in personal hygiene and medicine products without restrictions.

These new rules will be in effect until June 2023. However, regulations can change, so always double check with official Cuban government sources for the latest guidelines before your trip.

When packing food to bring into Cuba in your luggage, carefully organize the items and separate the food from your other belongings. Note that some products are absolutely prohibited, including any animal products with bones and unpasteurized dairy.

If shipping food to Cuba, use a reputable service like RingVoz that specializes in shipments to Cuba.

With RingVoz, non-perishable foods, toiletries, cleaning supplies and other essentials can be shipped directly to your loved ones’ doors in Cuba.

Being well-informed and using a trusted shipping service is the best way to ensure that your food makes it into Cuba safely and avoids issues with customs. With some advance planning, you can successfully bring or send food to friends and family in Cuba. 

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