Our Awards

With our awards, we reward your loyalty, with referral plans and points for your recharges
$5 dollars with RingVoz, carhacters use service

Refers & Win free minutes

Get $ 5 every time you refer family and friends. The more you mean, more desire.
Conditions and Restrictions:
You must have RingVoz Account.
Do not share address or payment method with the people referred.

Refers and Wind

Accumulate Points and Win!

For each recharge your account through the automatic system, Mobile Application, Website or Call Center, earn points and win prizes.
Condiciones y Restricciones:
For every Recharging USD $ 10 earns 1 point, and for $ 15 earns 1.5 points.
Automatic Recharge earn 5 bonus points
Promotion only valid for 6 consecutive months.

Redeem your points