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With our awards, we reward your loyalty,
with referral plans and points for your recharges

Refers & Win free minutes

Get $ 5 every time you refer family and friends. The more you mean, more desire.

Conditions and Restrictions:
  • You must have RingVoz Account.
  • Do not share address or payment method with the people referred.

Refers and Wind

Refers & Win Free Minutes


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awards - referrals
Awards - Points for your recharges

Accumulate Points and Win!

For each recharge your account through the automatic system, Mobile Application, Website or Call Center, earn points and win prizes.

Condiciones y Restricciones:

  • For every Recharging USD $ 10 earns 1 point, and for $ 15 earns 1.5 points.
  • Automatic Recharge earn 5 bonus points
  • Promotion only valid for 6 consecutive months.
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