Let’s start by talking about What is a virtual number? This is a real phone number of the country you choose which will receive calls from anywhere in the world and they will reach your mobile, landline or VoIP phone.

For example, suppose you have a relative who lives in Colombia and you live in the United States, if you acquire a virtual number from Colombia your relative will be able to call you and you will answer from the United States phone or anywhere in the world and they will pay for that call as if it were local. That means you can receive calls unlimitedly and stay close to your own or your customers.

What are the benefits of having my virtual number?

  • The cost of a virtual call is the same as a local call.
  • You will be able to redirect the calls they make to your virtual number to any landline, mobile or VoIP phone.
  • You pay a fixed monthly value that varies depending on the destination country.
  • No more geographical boundaries.

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