RingVoz, Connects you with the world!

Select your service and Make Easy, Fast, and Secure International Calls

International Calls

Calls yours anywhere in the world from your home, cell or office.

Recharge Cell Phones

Send balance at cell phones anywhere in the world, in a safe, easy, and instant.

Direct SMS

Send text messages to anywhere in the world great value for money, easy and safe way.

More for Cuba

Recharge the Nauta accounts from the Exterior with RingVoz; and enjoy prepaid Internet connection on your trips with the Cuba Roaming SIM card.

RingVoz Mobile

Manage your minutes, text and data. More unlimited calls to 72 countries. Your Plan, Your Rules!


More entertainment for you! Now, you can take your favorite shows wherever you go, or watch on the TV in the comfort of your living room.

In RingVoz we give you

Everything you need to be close to your loved ones, international calls, recharge cell phones from anywhere in the world, SMS Direct to your Country; and for Cuba, recharge Nauta and enjoy Roaming Service for your travels.

We give you the best quality, a competent human service, and our RingVoz App, with everything that you need.