Access Numbers
& How to Call

Making International calls is very easy, just find your access
number, call and follow the instructions.

Request your Access Number by Chat

FREE 10 USA Numbers for you to communicate directly with your loved ones in their country without additional dialing.

Direct Dial

Enjoy the Free and exclusive functionality to our customers. Dialing the numbers assigned of the US, calls are automatically connected to scheduled international destination.

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How does it work?

We assign You a US phone number to the International cell phone or fixed line with which you want to communicate.

Dial the US number and the call will connect automatically to the International Telephone.

How Active?

Access your account on the web to add or edit dialing function direct. Select Direct Dialing, Choose Phone Number of USA, Enter the international phone number you want to communicate with and presto! Added your new direct dial number.

Set Direct Dial