Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for that my family receives the International Recharge?

The Most providers are reporting in less than a minute, your family receives recharge once the system indicates the number of approval of the transaction.

I am a customer of RingVoz, as I can access my account from the Internet?

Visit our website, click the button at the top right called My Account; then enter your user name and password, if you have not already, click the link Create your Account; and enter the requested information (you can also sign up with your Facebook account).

Can I make international recharges?

Yes, RingVoz offers the service to recharge international cell phones, to see the destinations and make your recharge visit the following link

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What advantages do I have when referring a friend to use RINGVOZ services?

Every time you refer to family or friends, you receive US $ 5 that you can use to make your calls. You can refer  here or calling our customer service line 7865331110 and one of our agents will help you.

Does RingVoz reward me for my recharges?

Yes, For each recharge to your account through the IVR, App, Website or Call Center, Earn Points and Earn Rewards. You can request the redemption of points by your recharges here.

What are the payment methods for acquiring Ringvoz services?

You can recharge services RingVoz by credit or debit card VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX or PAYPAL, you can also perform a bank deposit or cash, approaching one of our points of distribution at national level, for more information about our points of Sales and Recharge can contact the customer service department at +1 786.533.1110 and an agent will help you.

RingVoz has coverage in other countries?

RingVoz provides the services of Virtual Number, Monthly Plans, Cell Phones recharges and can enjoy to call your loved ones with account RingVoz by IP telephony. If you have questions you can contact the customer service department at +1 786.533.1110 and an agente will help you.

When I buy RingVoz services, I Activated permanent Contract with you?

No, services Ringvoz have no permanent contract, If you purchase a prepaid service will be active at all times that your account has balance, on the contrary, acquires a service monthly payment, you must cancel report 30 days before it is generated automatically payment. If you have questions you can contact the customer service department at +1 786.533.1110 1110 and an agent will help you.

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Can I Recharge Internet Nauta to Cuba?

Yes, from the USA you can recharge the Nauta user access accounts, including the domain, for example: or, as applicable. You can do it here. 

How do I activate Direct Dial?

Access your account on the web to add or edit the Direct Dial feature. Select Direct Dial, Choose the US Phone Number and Enter the International Phone Number you want to call and Ready! If you need additional guidance, you can contact our customer service line 7865331110 and one of our agents will help you.

Can I receive Text Messages from Cuba?

No, Our text messaging services are one-way, from the US to Cuba.

How direct dialing (DD) work?

Once registered your phone numbers frequently dialed, to which are assigned a local number, you can dial this number from your phone, which connects directly with your contact, without dialing access number. Remember this service is free and exclusive to our customers and can register up to 10 numbers

In Colombia, Do you have Virtual Numbers Coverage?

RingVoz has capacity to Virtual numbers in Colombia for these cities: Barranquilla, Bogotá, Buenaventura, Buga, Cali, Cartago, Medellin, Palmira.

Recharges Cell Phones & International Calls

How to consult the CUBACEL promotional bonus?

This consultt is made through *222*226#

I always want to have funds for my calls. Can I activate the Automatic Recharge Option?

Yes, you can guarantee to have funds in your account to make calls by contacting our Customer Service line 7865331110 and one of our agents will activate the automatic recharge option.

What are the ways in which I can perform my recharges?

These are our channels for Recharges: Downloading our App here. Registering on our website here. Call our Automatic Recharges System at 7865331130 Calling customer service RINGVOZ at 7865331110 Visiting one of our recharge points in stores.

What about the balance that I can not consume on a call?

This balance will remain in your account, and you can use it whenever you want, does not expire.

Do I have to know the operator to perform an international recharge?

Is necessary, in most countries there are more than a telephone operator,  and the promotions and the recharge amount varies according to the same.

App Mobile

In the App Can I view my transaction history?

Yes, once you download our application you will find the transactions option and you can see the history of your national and international rechargues. Remember you can download it here.

Can I register my credit card through the Mobile Application?

If, once you choose the transaction you are going to make, the App gives you the option of entering a new credit card or selecting a previously registered credit card.

What special features does the softphone?

• Battery-efficient, using Push Notifications • Excellent sound quality • Instant Messaging support • Call recorder and player • Video Calling • Call transfers • Call forwarding • Call waiting • Conferencing • Configurable speed-dial • Detailed call history • Native Address Book integration

Can I make calls from the outside with the softphone?

With just a Wifi or GSM connection you can make calls from the place you're to anywhere in the world without access number.

What is the RingVoz SoftPhone?

It is the software that lets you make calls to other softphones, conventional telephones or mobile phones and works with your Internet service provider (Wi-Fi or GSM). Access your account and keep your balance available for make internationals calls.