Cubacel Promotion June 21 – June 26 (Cuba)

Date: From Monday June 21 to Saturday June 26, 2021.

Denominations that apply: Between 500 CUP and 1250 CUP.

Promotional bonus: 1.5GB + 800 CUP and 50% discount on calls.

Bond validity: The promotional bonus expires 30 days after receiving the recharge. Customers with active data bonus (GB) and money from previous promotions and who acquire this new offer, will have the validity date of the bonus acquired with this new international recharge promotion extended and its expiration date is 30 days from the reception of the recharge. Customers with bonus minutes and previous promotional SMS will not accumulate said bonus nor will the expiration date be extended.

Validity of current data plans: Customers who have valid data plans (LTE and all networks) and their respective bonuses and recharge in this promotion, the validity is extended to 30 days after receiving the recharge

Use of promotional bonus: The voucher can be used for national and international calls and SMS (includes SMS Entumóvil).

Bonus discount priority: Bonds 2- Main balance
Data discount priority: Daily exchange 2- data vouchers * 3- Active data packages 4-Main balance * For national navigation: It is discounted from the .cu voucher * For international navigation and in the LTE zone: 1- LTE voucher 2- International recharge voucher.

Promotional bonus restriction: This promotion does not apply a 50% discount for international calls, the voucher cannot be transferred to another cell line.

Balance limit and bonuses:
Main account: 175,000
CUPBonus: 125,000 CUP
Bonus minutes: 8575
minutes SMS voucher: 33335 SMS

Balance / voucher inquiry: Main balance is consulted through * 222 # and the bonus through * 222 * 266 # at no cost.

Others: The credited voucher is not shown on the ticket delivered to customers in physical stores, but the voucher is credited to the Cubacel customer.