Fall in love with magical Cuba without getting lost in it.

Fall in love with magical Cuba without getting lost in it.

So, you decided to travel back to your beloved country after a long time…. But maybe when you arrive you won’t recognize any of the places you enjoyed so much in your childhood, maybe you want to take someone to those places that in your head you remember were there…. Or you are simply an adventurer with the intention of traveling to Cuba, but in your head, it doesn’t stop sounding like a problem… “How am I going to find those places?” You arrived at the paradisiacal island, your thoughts at the airport…continue reading →

Promotion Call to Cuba September New Customers

Promotion Call to Cuba September New Customers For the first charge of $ 10 to call Cuba, you receive 29 minutes. Valid Promotion: September 1 to 30, 2017. Applies only once per customer on the dates of the promotion. Applies only to New Customer or New Activations. Applies for the first recharge of the new customer by any means. New customers cannot share billing address or payment method with current customers. Promotion for personal use only. Not compatible with other Promotions. Not Applicable for Referral Plan.continue reading →

Happy Day Back to School Online

Happy Day Back to School Online Offer Valid: August 29th, 2017 Valid to Regular Recharges made by Mobile Application and / or Website RingVoz.com Apply for minimum recharges of US $ 10 and receive an additional 10% to the value charged to your account to make international calls.continue reading →

RI Promotion Cubacel New Customers July

Cubacel Promotion July 24-28, 2017 Terms and Conditions (T&C): Cubacel Cuba (35 bonus) The promotion starts on the 24th July 2017 from 00:01 (Cuban time) until the 28th July at 23:59 (Cuban time). Promotional bonus of 30 CUC applies for one recharge received by Cubacel of  15CUC. The bonus validity is until 20th August Cuban time and recharge balance validity is 330 days after the recharge date. The bonus cannot be transferred to other Cubacel customers. The client receives an SMS prior expiration of the bonus. Balance query can be done through *222#…continue reading →

About using images – Freepik.com

About using images - Freepik.com Some images used in this website are under the Freepik license Terms and conditions of use Http://www.freepik.es/terms_of_use Acknowledgments - Image courtesy of Nensuria <a href="http://www.freepik.es/fotos-vectores-gratis/personas">Personas de fotografía creado por Nensuria - Freepik.com</a> RingVoz LLC, thanks all authors for allowing the use of their photographs or images under these license terms. We value and respect each of the graphic pieces, and if possible make mention of the author. For more information you can write to marketing@ringvoz.com. http://www.freepik.es/fotos-vectores-gratis/personas%22%3EPersonascontinue reading →

Happy Days Cuba Merchants

Happy Days Cuba Merchants Promotion valid only on the dates established Valid for recharges made only by Stores Recharging minimum US $ 10 Customer ancient: 20% Additional to the value of recharge New customer: 40% Additional to the value of rechargecontinue reading →