Can I Recharge Internet Nauta to Cuba?

Can I Recharge Internet Nauta to Cuba? Yes, from the USA you can recharge the Nauta user access accounts, including the domain, for example: or, as applicable. You can do it here. continue reading →

How do I activate Direct Dial?

How do I activate Direct Dial? Access your account on the web to add or edit the Direct Dial feature. Select Direct Dial, Choose the US Phone Number and Enter the International Phone Number you want to call and Ready! If you need additional guidance, you can contact our customer service line 7865331110 and one of our agents will help you.continue reading →

How direct dialing (DD) work?

How direct dialing (DD) work? Once registered your phone numbers frequently dialed, to which are assigned a local number, you can dial this number from your phone, which connects directly with your contact, without dialing access number. Remember this service is free and exclusive to our customers and can register up to 10 numberscontinue reading →