Call from Anywhere

RingVoz traveler, Download our Application
to call from anywhere in the World.

Start Calling Now in three easy Steps

Virtual Phone - Personalized account RingVoz

Step 1

You can choose one of the following download options:

Go to the Apple Store or Google Play and download our “Ringvoz" App. Once you are in the Ringvoz App select the "Call from anywhere".

Go to, Log in to My Account and select “Call from Anywhere”.

Call to our Ringvoz Call Center at 786-533-1110 and ask for the application “Call from Anywhere” to be activated.

Step 2

  • If you downloaded our App by or through our call center, you will receive an email from Ringvoz, providing an ID, password and a QR code.
  • Once you receive the ID, Password and a QR Code, open the application and you can either scan the QR Code or enter your ID and password.
Virtual Phone - Make Calls Everywhere
Virtual Phone - Make Calls Everywhere

Step 3

The application will auto-configure in seconds and you can enjoy making calls to anywhere around the world.