Thinking that users have easy access to make their national and international top-ups at any time of the day, without restrictions or transaction limits appears RINGVOZ APP. It is available for download to IOS and Android phones through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Among its benefits we find the convenience of making transactions from anywhere in the world, with an easy design for user management, it can find access to:

  • Top up the account to make international calls
  • International Cell Phone top up
  • Recharge of Nauta Internet
  • Send international SMS
  • Have redirection with your access number
  • Call from anywhere: Here you can download the cloud softphone, which is used to make calls outside the U.S. using the same domestic rate.
  • Access to information on daily promotions
  • Access to transaction information

The mobile phone is now part of daily life, for this reason it is essential that telecommunications companies have an effective and easily accessible tool for their customers to interact and perform their transactions from the comfort of their home or workplace.

The Ringvoz app is always present every time the user enters the Smartphone, displaying the company’s icon, available 24 hours a day, making transactions in real time.