Call to Cuba with RingVoz

¿Do you have family and friends in Cuba? Having a call with the people you love the most is super important and more so if you are in another country, that’s why at RingVoz our priority is to help you connect with your loved ones, this information is important for you:

How do calls to Cuba work with Ringvoz?

Calls from Ringvoz are super easy, follow these steps and connect with your loved ones every day:

1. Download the RingVoz app from your app store.
2. Recharge your account with the best rate for CUBA.
3. Call your loved ones every day from our application and enjoy.

Can I use my mobile phone to recharge another cell phone in Cuba?

Of course you do, for us at Ringvoz there are no limitations, you can recharge your family and friends in Cuba as much as you want so you don’t lose connection with any of them.

Do you want to download the application? Click here